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mychubbybutt's Journal

My Chubby Butt
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Welcome to LJ's finest weight loss community, My Chubby Butt. The purpose of this community is to help you make and meet your own goals as far as weight loss and fitness. How this community is used is totally customizable for each user. In other words, if you wish to post your weight and weight loss, you may do so, but you don't have to. If you wish to post what you eat each day, you may do so, but you don't have to. If you wish to post your work out each day, you may, but you don't have to.

We will encourage you to post long term and short term goals, and to post when they have been met, or when they weren't met. This community is all about encouragement and accountability. For example, if your short term for a day is to walk a mile, tell us when you have walked it so we can tell you how awesome it is that you did it. If you didn't walk that mile, tell us that too, so we can hear WHY you didn't, and hold you accountable for your decision not to walk.

We are hoping that various sub-groups form here as well. For example, those on a certain diet can post about that diet and how you are progressing. Or if you want a work out buddy, we are hoping you can find one here. It might be handy to have someone to whom you can say "Hey, let's go walk a mile right now. Call me on the cell, and we'll talk while we walk."

This community is members only. You can feel free to post whatever info or pictures that you wish, and be confident that the info will stay right here. We are the only ones who can see it.

Yes, rules can be boring and be a drag, but all communities need some kind of guidelines. Rules help things run more smoothly, and keep everybody on the same page.

1) Be nice! If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. This community is about positive reinforcement and helping each other out. Yelling or being rude doesn't help anybody.

2) Your BMI must be 25 or higher when you join the community. This means you are overwieght, and not some skinny-minnie here to poke fun at the fat people. If this community helps you as we hope, and if you are a member in good standing, and your BMI then drops below 25, you will still be welcome to stay and offer help to others who are just starting on their fitness journey. You will find a link to a BMI Calculator in the sidebar of the community.

3) You must post your goals. We cannot encourage you to meet your goals if we don't know what they are. Post both short term (I will not have any second portions today) and long term goals (I will lose 8 pounds this month.) What the goals are and what info you post here is up to you.

4) When you join, make a short post introducing yourself and listing your BMI. This is the only number you will ever have to post. If you wish to put goals in your first post, go ahead, but it can just be an introduction if you wish.

5) Please be active. This community will not work well for lurkers. We all need to help each other, if you are only lurking, you are not helping.

6) When you make a post, please put your username in the "tags" box you will find near the bottom of your posting screen. This will make it easier for everybody to find your posts stating your goals. On your first post one of the mods will put the tag for you because it won't show up the first time unless a mod makes the tag.

We may alter or add to the rules over time, so please check back here often.

Now, that wasn't so bad, was it? Go forth, join, then let us know a little about yourself!