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04 November 2006 @ 07:44 pm
Hey everyone..i was just wondering...

Is it normal for your body to still be in losing weight mode after you've stopped dieting? I mean i have not been eating properly the way i did to lose the weight i did for about 6 weeks now, and it seems as though my body is still losing weight...i have lost about 12 lbs in the last 6 weeks. I know stress will make you lose weight...but i was just wondering if this is a normal thing and if someone has gone through that. Cuz i am starting to get worried. I mean not that i am complaining about losing weight, obviously i want to but i don't want to end up losing a whole bunch more and it doesn't seem to want to stop. I mean i've been eating cookies, and drinking regular coke, eating more junk food and eating out more often, so in fact this should make me gain weight. Ah well any comments are appreciated.
13 June 2006 @ 11:37 am
Hi everyone.

I am Marie. I have recently started a way to lose some unwanted pounds and generally to eat healthier meals. My current BMI right now is 29.3. Used to be 30. something but since i have started my new "diet" (don't like to call it that because of all the negative connotations but for the purpose of this is what i will call it), i have lost 8 lbs.

Here is what i am attempting to do.

Two and half weeks ago i decided that it was time to lose weight. I started writing down what i ate and keeping track of the calories, fat, carbs and protein intake in everything that i ate. My goal was (still is) to eat less than 2000 caloies a day. Part of that goal also was to reduce if not completely eliminate (when possible) all processed foods (like Kraft Dinner and Canned goods) as well as all junk foods.(so Doritos Bye Bye!). As well, i have stopped rinking pop and eating lots of sugar. This does leave me with lots of alternatives, such as lots of fruits and vegetables, and other good things. It's been hard to resist the "good" foods, but so far i have been doing extremely well. I want you all to know that i am not strict about this. Well not as strict as say an Atkins Diet,. I will allow myself a couple slices of pizza once in a while, or a small piece of chocolate. But i am doing everything in moderation, and only once in a while. I am doing portion control at meal times, and trying to balance it out to have a little bit of the four foods groups. Hard sometimes when money is tight, but i do what i can. Also the key to this for me i think is eating smaller portions more often. The best recommendation i have had so far is eating every three hours or so. Nothing major but let's say you have breakfast at 9 am. Ok so i'll have 1 cup of yogurt (fat free of course) and a banana. That doesn't fill me up completely but it works. At noon i'll have lunch. I like Tuna Salad in a tortialla bread with lettuce. And a fruit. And a glass of juice. The at 3 pm i'll snack on carrots, or a fruit. The supper time i'll have a regular meal, with smaller portions of course. I usually still feel a bit hungry afterwards but they always say tio wait 15 minutes or more after eating to determine if you are still hungry or not. Then i'll have a nighttime snack on something light, most likely more fruit. This seems to work really well and it speeds up your metabolism which is what you want. It's actually not that much hard work, once you're used to it. Writing everything down from the packages or looking it up online IS a PITA, but after a while you don't even need to do that as you know approximately how much you're eating in a day. As long as it's healthy stuff. I combine it with cardio at least three times a week, and drinking lots of water. I have a hard time with the latter. Drinking water is so hard. Ok it's not hard per say but it's easily forgotten about in a busy day. Anyways, not to say that i have been an agel with this, i have slipped a few times, but i figure as long as i keep on track most of the time, the few times i slip won't do that much of a difference. I am also wawre that it's that kind of thinking that can bring me back to eating unhealthy. So i am mindful of that as well.

Whew. Did you read all this? lol

So when i sarted which was two weeks ago last friday, i was 168. Before then i lost 10 lbs in the winter months from working at the daycare. I don't work there anymore. So in total since January i have lost 18 lbs. Because i am now at 160. My goal is to go down to 140. That would still bring me in the overweight section of the BMI, as it would be 25.6 but i have to keep in mind that i am very big boned and have a large structure with lots of muscles, which the BMI does not take into consideration. I think 140 would be a very good weight for me and i am hopeful that maintaining it between 140-145 will be easy to do. I am realistic of the fact that i will not look as i did before i had my child, as i weighed 145 back then, and pregnancy wreaks havoc on a woman's body as i am sure most of you know. Anyways..i think i have babbled on long enough.

I hope this community grows to a nice confortable amount of people. Thanks for the heads up about it Dawn.
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01 June 2006 @ 05:31 pm
i've lost 4 pounds as of today.

but i'm starving tonight and it's pizza night. can I control it to just a piece or two? here's hoping!
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30 May 2006 @ 12:02 pm
i gained last week, but started new plan yesterday and lost two already. . .

was way too hot at yoga this morning. I have to get rid of this extra fat. yuck.
23 May 2006 @ 04:08 pm
hey I weighed myself this morning and then promptly ate a cinnamon roll--now I have energy for this weight loss thingy!

how often should we post our pounds lost? every tuesday?